An oldies take on this growing old lark, well no lark really.

There was a programme on TV today discussing the older generation, and can we afford them. It seems we of a certain age are living too long, unlike in years gone by when we had world wars, disease, poverty and the such, it kept our numbers down, but things have changed. Since the 1960’s and ever since we of that era have been to school, grown up, taken apprenticeships, or gone to university, then worked.

Worked for 50 years or more paying our way, bringing up families, paying for the life the current generations now enjoy. Don’t forget, for us, cars were few and far between, holidays abroad were for the rich, iPods, iPads, flat screen TV’s and mobile phones, were the domain of Dan Dare comics, and when TV did arrive it was black and white and only 2 or 3 channels.

I look around me now and deprivation is not having an iPhone, poverty is not wearing Nike, or some other fancy named garment and the hardest things most of the younger generation have to do these days is get up in a morning. And now we are told that yet again we will have to pay for others mistakes, mainly the bankers this time but hey we are all in this together, not.
But as far as I can remember our generation has always paid, from Harold Macmillan to David Cameron its the same old mantra, its our fault so we will have to pay. 

There will be cuts of course, but never, never have I known the lavish provisions for MP’s and local councillors ever been cut, no siree, its our services, and whilst those who have paid into the Governments Old Age Pension, Serps, and additional pension credits all their lives are told their entitlements are to be cut, there is not a murmur about MP’s, councillors or council workers provisions being cut in any way.

I’ll always remember my mum saying to me, I was about 30 years old at the time, ay lad its a crime to grow old, Mum how right you were.


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