Is the Internet just another tool of life now?

They say the internet has been around since the 1950’s then it was just between universities and their geek guys, then a back up for the military communications, but whatever, its all over the place now. Which brings me to think the because of this it’s not the amazing thing it once was to us all when dial up was the norm and streaming films, video and music was way in the future.

Bulletin board were about, a kind of early chat room, but there wasn’t the rich content that is just so normal today. Youngsters, by that I mean from 5 years old upwards have the internet from the start and so its always been there for them, like mobile/cell phones and computers in general. So I think its lost is ‘wow’ factor if you like as it is now, or seems to be, a tool of everyday life, just like the TV.

And now we are being told both of these are being brought together in a kind of IPTV, the internet on your TV, not sure how this one will work out. We have seen just lately that governments, if they so wish, can shut the internet down which demonstrates how fragile the system still is, but so much is done on the internet these days its inconceivable that democratic governments would do the same, but you never know.

I like reading geeky stuff, and see where things are heading, and I can see a time where phone like devices will be the hub of communications in the future for everything. From maps to payments, from video calls all round I can’t do without tool, and being incredibly small even like those wrist watch type gadgets that use to be portrayed on futuristic comics of years gone by, yes maybe Star Trek is not all that fanciful these days.

I can see the good points about all this but I’m not sure of some of the bad points about always being connected. It use to be you wanted to meet your friend you made arrangements at school, work, or wherever then met up later on, whatever the weather, face to face contact was the norm, not today it isn’t.

But I console myself with the thought that the younger people will sort this out by themselves their way, not the ways of the grandparent generation, that belongs in the past, like so much other stuff, which is more the shame really.   


What do you think?

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