Pictures and videos

Now you can see some videos at the top of the blog, they are mine on You Tube, various stuff from our holidays/vacations now I’m going to post some pictures.
The first batch are from our recent trip the Spanish Costas, Costa Del Sol, and the resort of Torremolinos. Now usually the weather, although not hot, is pleasant, that’s why many people go for a few weeks to escape the winters of Britain.

But we got it wrong this year, after the first day of pleasant, weak sunshine, the storms hit, and stayed for most of the rest of our trip. Just picked the wrong time, nothing wrong with place or the hotel, but we were more likely to get frostbite than a tan.

As you can see not bad for January, but all that was to change the next day. But it was still an opportunity to take pictures, this is the sea front at Torremolinos.

Over time I hope to post more pictures just a matter of trying to make this reasonably interesting without getting bogged down with dialogue. But there still needs to be some info about the pictures. Click on the pictures to get a bigger view.


What do you think?

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