Things and Things

 I take photographs, not sure if you can call me a photographer, not in the sense of being professional or anything. I have taken pictures at weddings and such like, more of a favour than a business, but I do enjoy what I do and I will leave the results for others to judge the merits for and against.
I have no particular subjects, I have taken portraits, landscapes, wildlife, from many countries and I do like looking back, and if I’m honest, quietly pleased with some of them.

But they are digital, I don’t print them out, I wouldn’t have the space to keep them anyway, but of course being stored on a computer has its hazards, so backing up is a must, I do try to keep it all up to date.

As they say the proof is in the pudding, so I will have to post some and let you decided whether they are good or not. But not now, its late, its 1:05am here in England, and I’m ready for bed, and I have to decide what to post anyway, so stayed tuned!


What do you think?

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