I love music, I have already stated, and put it on my profile, but I only like certain music, I have no time for the stuff that comes out today that is suppose to be music. Yes I am contemptuous of today’s so called stars in the music scene, I believe they are shallow and not a patch of the super stars of yesteryear. 
We always had talent contests in the UK on TV, Opportunity Knocks was one such show, which shows my age.

But the megastars started out on a more gruelling route, the clubs and pubs of the country and beyond. Take The Beatles, undeniably one of the most successful bands ever, they started off as 14/15 year old lads who went on to do 12hr stints in a German night club then a gruelling schedule of one night stands and recording sessions in between.

But they were not the only ones to follow that gruelling path, many honed their skills by playing night after night getting things to perfection. Some didn’t survive, but those that did gave us a rich history of music that will live long after the latest X Factor drone is lying in a box. I won’t go into the specifics of record sales as downloads and copying is a recent phenomenon, but I do know that The Beatles often had advanced orders, not just sales, of 2 or 3 million copies of their latest release even before it had come off the presses.

And not just in this country, The Beatles were global as were The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, oh I could go on, but this article would be lost on many of the younger generation as they never get further than their IPods or You Tube. I know we move on, but what I also know is that the monotonous sounds that pass for music these days would, rightfully, have ended up in the bin many years ago, in fact it ought to be in the bin these days.

Repetitive doesn’t come into it, at least the tunes of my era were melodic and ground breaking, Queen Bohemian Rhapsody anyone? Beatles A Day In The Life? Of course the arguments are that I’m an old git and behind the times, and I agree, but I’m also grateful as contrary to popular assumption I do give today’s music a hearing, its just that what I do hear is utter garbage.
But I have amassed a decent selection of CD’s for my personal listening, there are many internet radio stations to satisfy my crave and of course You Tube, it may serve today’s music, but thank goodness it also serves music from the past that is worth listening too.


What do you think?

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