Technology …… I’m now left behind

I use to be cool with all the latest gadgets, I subscribed to a certain technology magazines that kept me abreast of all the latest developments as they happened. I knew that I would only have to wait a short while for the sky high prices of a recently release gadget to go downwards. We had satellite ages before anyone else, video recorders, those big clunky Betamax machines where the taped popped out of the top, a Sanyo 9300 I think it was.

The fact that Betamax lost out in the video format war was another chance to upgrade to a shiny new VHS machine. There was the audio cassette, CD, DVD and then computers, I kept up pretty well with the constantly changing hardware, but at some stage the wheels began to fall off, not sure when, but technology was changing faster than my ability to keep up with it.

I think I noticed it more with my computer, I had no sooner invested a not inconsiderable sum of money on a new Pentium 2 machine, latest graphics card, sound card, HDD and the rest, along with the latest software to go with it. Then in a blink of an eye it was out of date and I was playing catch up again, both with the hardware and software, this was one game I was destined to lose.

Meanwhile on the entertainment side of things, notably TV’s, things were changing here as well. Flat screen TV’s were appearing, not only that the sizes were increasing as well, sizes which made my chunky 32″ screen seem like the 22″ chunky TV we once had when at one time it looked like a mini cinema.
But it got worse, the whole back up with TV’s, recorders and the likes were changing, VHS, along with Betamax and the Philips 2000 video cassette system, all bit the dust, to be replaces by, first DVD recorders, then HDD the sort you get in your home computer.

Then it was LCD, Plasma, then LED and also High Definition and as I write, 3D TV, all coming along at the speed of light. Satellite all got in on the act High Definition Movies, Sports, even the news now. The list is endless, I first got a mobile/cell phone about 10 years ago, a Philips, small black and white screen but handy to keep in touch with, you fool, that couldn’t last. Soon it was colour screens, then all sorts of variations on functions until now we have Smartphones, touch screens that are mini computers in the hand, they are not just for calls.

Along the way I’m sure I’ve missed out somewhere on something, but you get the drift, I’m now a technology dinosaur, and its going to stay that way. I still have TV’s that need a crane to lift, I don’t have HD, nor any of the gadgets associated with HD. Our TV gave out not so long back but it was put back on track for £90, about $130. But I’m fighting a loosing battle all round, as not only are consumer gadgets racing ahead in their sophistication, even the airwaves are changing as here in the UK the analogue TV signals are being switched off and turned over to digital, so where does that leave us with ‘old’ equipment?

Guess, yes you’ve got it, we have to upgrade, either a new flat screen TV or a magic box that will convert the digital signal to something our older TV’s will understand. So I’ve thrown in the towel, no more upgrading unless absolutely forced to, I wouldn’t mind but my old stuff still work, perfectly, and I’m loathed to throw things away simply because something better has come along. At the last count I will need a box to receive TV signals before long, my DVD recorder is analogue, so that is no good, I need a digital one.

I still have a VHS recorder, which I will keep as I still have a large library of video tapes, at least I will be able to watch them, for now. I will go with the flow, when it needs replacing I will look at the options then decide, I’ve done with trying to keep up, I have found the that merry go round is getting even faster, merry go round for the manufacturers that is. I like my gadgets, a Psion 3C hand held device was my pride and joy and technically sound, we now have net books and IPads that are more flashy but do mainly the same thing, we are going round in circles.

I no longer have the urge, or more importantly, the money to keep up, so I don’t, my gadgets will have to finally blow up before I replace them, then only if parts cannot be found to repair them. My digital databank watch is from the 80’s and is still as useful now as it was when I bought it, just a battery needed now and again. My Panasonic VHS recorder? Who knows how long that will last, my LG DVD recorder will have to go, but it works perfectly, my chunky TV’s are still ok and my 1980 Philips CD player still sounds fine in my 1980 Sanyo hi fi system.

The upgrading roundabout will continue to spin round at an ever increasing speed, only I won’t be on it, I’ve stepped off whilst I can, enjoy your latest gadgets, until they are updated that is.


What do you think?

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