I have already stated previously that I take pictures, not sure if that makes me a photographer, but I do try and be different. I’m not professionally trained, just instinct really. So here are some examples from my journey’s abroad.

We visited Spain in January, Torremolinos on the Costa Del Sol, and weather wise it was atrocious, but we still got out and about. One place we visited was the Parque De La Paloma in Benalmadena and it didn’t cost a thing other than a walk up the coast.

If you have a phobia about birds flying around then maybe this is not the place to be as they are all over the place and think each new visitor brings food with them. Many did but we didn’t so quite quickly we were ignored for more favoured visitors, but I still got some pictures.

Now there were a few peacocks around and I was hoping to see one of them with their plume of feathers spread out as I had seen on the TV many a time, but this one just was not going to oblige and in the walked away from me, although I did get this shot of the colours of their feathers.

A section of the park was set aside for cacti, or is it cactus? All sorts of shapes and sizes, but not being knowledgeable about the subject I haven’t a clue what you call them, other than cacti.

This Emu was as curios of me as I was of it (don’t know if its male or female) but I had read that they have a nasty bite and this one kept trying to give me a peck. Good job they were inside a wire compound.

And then it happened, I was beginning to despair that I would get a picture of a peacock in full flow when I was just walking along and this one was right in front of me. Now I don’t know why they spread their feathers like they do, frightened? showing off? friendly? Whatever it is I got my wish and pictures, I was going crazy with my camera, not getting too close in case I frightened it away and the limitations of the camera lens was irritating me, but I did what I set out to do. 

Please bear in mind the copyright to all the pictures and video I post belongs to me, thanks, oh and click on the pictures to get a bigger view.


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