IPad ………. IPad 2

I have no axe to grind within this Apple v Microsoft v Google v RIM or whatever but I am sick of hearing about the IPad or the recent incarnation the IPad 2. Its a computer for goodness sake, a machine, which does much the same as any other computer, basically, internet and offices applications.
First it was smartphones, y’know the thing your ring home from, only not now apparently, and now we have progressed? to a slab of computer chips.
But hey there are riots all around the globe but all is well IPad 2 is here, talk about being insular. With all the money he has Mr Jobs cannot get good health which about sums it all up, your health is worth more than any electronic gadget that comes along and come along they will. Windows 8 is in the air, and everyone will be upgrading something or other, be it a computer, smartphone, or tablet, it will never cease, but will your health last out? will you be able to upgrade that?

I like computers, in whatever configuration, but I do take on board what experts in their field are saying, we are running out of a lot of basic things, and it seems that all that is being talked about is the IPad 2.
Maybe not for me, but for my children and their children I fear the worst, a miracle, at the moment, does not seem around the corner.

What do you think?

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