Have blogs and Facebook killed off diaries?

There is so much on line these days I don’t think many think back to the days when you religiously jotted down your thoughts and thoughts of others in a diary. Yes a diary, you know, a book of blank pages, often ruled pages, that stayed blank until you put something in them. All seems quaint now I know but I first started a diary when I was 14/15 years old and it was a big ledger type thing with about 3 days to a page.

Now there was a lot going on back in the 60’s and I was 14/15, girlfriends, gigs, dancing, and of course school. But I was also learning to play the guitar and I wrote it all down, but there is a problem now. When I get those diaries out to have a look, I can’t read them. Ok the writing could have been better but its not the writing that defeats me, I can decipher that, its the way I wrote them.

You see I knew my mum would read my diaries, no matter where I hid them, we lived in a flat/apartment in those days so there were not many places I could hide a large book. So I wrote in code, my code, that only I could understand, which was great as most of what I wrote I didn’t want mum to know about. But now I don’t know about it either as I can’t remember how I constructed the code and what all the jumble of writing means.

Some of it comes back to me from memory, but I have sat down and tried to think what I meant at the time to the jumble that is in front of me now. It might not have fooled mum at the time but it sure as heck fools me now. But now there are on line diaries, calendars, and the such so I don’t know if there is any need for an old fashioned book diary, even one with a lock on it. But I do see diaries in shops around Christmas/New Year, but I imagine they are mainly for business users, the ones who still only trust good old fashioned paper.


What do you think?

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