From Rotterdam and beyond.

On this first trip we were going to friends in Germany, so we arrived off the ferry, on to the coach and dropped off outside the railway station, which was handy for us. Another plus here, there was an information office and most people spoke English so we were given the information as to where to catch our train to Germany. It does all rather hit you head on as you climb into the train and the carriages are immaculate, and the train leaves on time, at that time the UK was not like this.

We rumbled through the countryside and another culture shock, border guards, with guns. It was the Dutch/German border and passport checks were the order of the day, especially for two English people. But we were deemed ok, and off we went again to arrive at Bremen, and our friend waiting to pick us up. Well I say we arrived, we did but I had fallen asleep when I was suppose to stay awake and watch for when we arrived and it was only the violent jerk as we came to a halt that woke me otherwise we would have been on our way to Bremerhaven.

We went to Germany a few times and I loved the architecture and the country, despite being English, I was greeted wherever we went with my pigeon German. Then the children came along so travel resorted back to the UK mainland for our holidays until the the children were growing up and coach travel was becoming an affordable alternative to the rather expensive flying option. On the spur of the moment one Friday I went to a travel agent after I left work one Friday afternoon.

It was September and I walked into the shop and asked what was available, but for when? Any time I replied, and was told there was a cancellation for a family of four to a place called Palamos on the Costa Brava the following Friday. Fine I’ll have it. It was £68 for each adults and £38 for each child, for an apartment, no meals included, seems ludicrous now.  But we had applied for passports, all that was needed was holiday insurance, which I took out there and then, and we were ready.

We were picked up not far from our house to begin a journey that would take us through France and on to Spain and would take a day or so in the process. It was a big adventure for all of us, and a pleasant one as other people we knew were on the same bus, which, as we were to find out, was one of hundreds that did the same thing week in week out, my travel buds were being well and truly catered for.


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