Phone hacking, News International, politicians, press and the police, in no particular order.

Ok here’s my take on all this, we, meaning the British, tend to have a system of ‘sweeping things under the carpet’ as the saying goes, in other words, covering things up. And the higher up in the social scale you go the more they tend to cover up, hence the use of the courts by footballers (soccer players to our American friends) to conceal wrongdoings.

Now what we have here is something quite extraordinary, we have something, that was first mentioned over two years ago, and was dismissed, by the police of a story of having no importance. The story was broken by The Guardian newspaper and at the time didn’t cause much of a stir, a couple of celebrities had their phones hacked, but so what, two years on however ………..

We now find out that not only did this original story have severe importance but the scale of skulduggery by certain newspapers, or should I say their employees, have crossed certain acceptable barriers that the whole story now is like a soap opera to beat all soap operas.

We have a newspaper baron, to equal the likes of, Northcliffe, Rothermere and Beaverbrook, and possibly Maxwell, also possibly Randolph Hearst in America, who now stands at the brink of a collapse of his empire. All this from a story that was dismissed two years ago and which we now know was a huge cover up, British style, of the well connected and the wealthy.

So what happened? The News Of The World used dubious methods to obtain their news stories, they hacked into mobile/cell phones, to obtain information from the owners of these phones. Politicians, celebrities from sport, TV, film, music, you name it, the News Of The World hacked their phones, even British Royalty were not immune. So what tipped the scales?

Before I go any further I had better explain a few things, The News Of The World was a best seller, mostly on racy stories on the rich and famous, and is one of only a number of papers from the same organisation, New International. Meanwhile The Guardian is from a different owner and not so well read, until now, and all credit to the paper for sticking with this story when others were dismissing the episode as some speculative reporting.

The main thing that seems to have really brought all this to a boil is not really the hacking of high ranking peoples phones, but the mobile/cell phone of a young British girl who had gone missing, and later found to have been murdered, Milly Dowler. She was 13 years old and had been reported missing, her remains were found some time later.

But what was later to be revealed, much later, was that her phone had been hacked by reporters from T.N.O.T.W. and even messages deleted from that phone whilst the police were still looking for the girl. I don’t need to say anything else towards this implications of this as it speaks for itself of what kind of people did this paper employ and how did they not have a conscience of what they were doing.

Since this story broke, for a second time, the floodgates have opened up on News International, relatives of serving soldiers who have died in various conflicts around the world, have had their phones hacked, politicians, sportsmen and women, all matters of people have now been speaking up that their phones have been tampered with, and the police?

Well that is another story, as it now emerges that the police, top police here, have accepted ‘freebies’ from this organisation, politicians employed former employees of this organisation and by no less than our Prime Minister, David Cameron as ‘consultants’ even after suspicion fell on these very same people as to their complicity in this whole sordid affair. 

And of the the people at the top of this organisation? Well the boss man himself, Rupert Murdoch, flew in from America and immediately closed down the News Of The World, then he commissioned apologies in all the other UK newspapers about wrongdoings in the organisation of which is the head, but what about the people nearer to the action so to speak?

Rebekah Brooks the boss whilst all this was going on, had received unbelievable support from her boss, Rupert, until the other day that is, when she handed in her resignation, for the umpteenth time and this time it was accepted, but why you ask? Well today we got the answer, as along with other high ranking News officials she has been arrested to face various charges, and questioned by the police.

So, at the moment we have had phone hacking, bribery, employment of private investigators who have also been mixing with top politicians. Many people from News International have still been hobnobbing with the political elite, and even as we speak, very senior police officers are denying any wrongdoing whilst accepting ‘freebies’ to the total of £12,000 from these newspaper people

Every day, in fact nearly every hour, seems to bring more revelations and even Rupert Murdoch’s son is now accounting for his actions in all this, it is all getting very murky and the depth of complicity is unravelling for all those involved, this cannot be swept under the carpet any more. It comes on top of the scandal of politicians having their private expenses claims examined and declared illegal, the whole system corrupt? It certainly seem that way and who knows where it will end.


What do you think?

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