Onward yet again.

Palamos was a great introduction to Spain, it was a small, laid back, holiday resort, not too busy and not too quite. The beach was pristine, which is where we headed, it was hot, very hot. We had been travelling for quite a while on the coach so the chance to have a bath/shower, get changed, and explore, was intoxicating. But we had small children to consider and the first thing they wanted was food, as did my wife.

So I though I would play safe and use a cafe/bar, associated with a large hotel in the resort, and settled down when a Spanish guy came to take our order. We hadn’t had long to examine the menu but our daughter followed what I had ordered which was a chicken salad. All the meals came on huge plates, but I have said its a learning curve and this curve included finding out that at this time our salads came complete with a kind of salad cream.

I say kind of as it tasted atrocious, I didn’t know what it was but it made the meal uneatable really, and that goes for our daughter as well. But not wanting to complain, (stiff upper lip and all that) we made the best of it, although my wife and son’s meal were fine, not salad though. So after this it was a time to look around and what I saw was pleasing to the eye, no hustle and bustle but a laid back place taking things easy.

After the first day, and a sleep at night, it was time to get around, breakfast was in the apartment, the usual stuff, cereals, toast, a drink, then if anyone was hungry during the day, shops sold crisps, chocolates, whatever it took. After looking around, chilling out on the beach, and getting use to the temperatures, we got ready for the night out, and of course an evening meal. Its funny how you soon adapt, we found a nice little cafe, but the thing most of us wanted off the menu was …….. wait for it …….. beans on toast LOL.

And to show our sophistication, I ordered a bottle of house red for myself and my wife, cool or what :)?  The kids loved it, they had large glasses of coke but goodness knows what the Spanish thought. But we did find meals during our stay, not snacks, another learning curve. We even started to venture further afield and one day caught the bus to a place called La Fosca, just further along the coast. The fare was 5 pesatas, oh yes no euros at this point, and the bus had holes in the floor so you see the road whizzing by.

The bus also rattled a lot but when we arrived at La Fosca we thought we were the only ones there until we found out it was a part of the coast that was unspoilt by tourism, and they wanted it kept that way. I couldn’t disagree with that, its beautiful, just a bay with golden sand and windsurfers doing their thing, but nothing else except a few huts serving drinks etc.
This was not the only place we found, some friends were staying further up the coast so we visited them, as things became easier to find out after a couple of days.

And so our love affair with Spain began, and continues to this day as after Palamos it was another Spanish resort at a later date, further along the Spanish costas, after the Costa Brava it was Salou and Costa Dorada.


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