Another day is getting shorter.

Don’t know how to put this, but yet another bit of news today that a long standing friend has the dreaded C. He’s younger than I am, but it don’t make it any easier as we go back quite a few years. I heard it from a mutual friend of ours, and its getting a bit too regular our friends getting illnesses or diseases that you associate with the old, but that’s the thing, we are now old.

Children of the 60 are now in their 60’s and believe me its hard to understand that for years we were the youth of the future, when now we are the youth of the past, way past. Take a rain check here, our kids are in their 30’s and 40’s, something we use to think was gross all those years ago. But it gets really scary when your grand kids are nearing their 20’s oh boy this really hammers it home about where you are in the scale of life.

Thing is I look at Paul McCartney video’s, hell, he and Ringo are in their 70’s and can you believe it? I look out of the window at the sun setting over the horizon yet again, and it just about sums up my life, yes setting over the horizon. 


One thought on “Another day is getting shorter.

  1. Hi Shyguy, Thank you for your comments on my post about time and aging. You're right, it does seem to speed up. Your post about 9/11 was touching and as someone who lives in NYC now, very appreciated.Thanks again,Abby

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