Tally ho!

Salou was another seaside resort, well it was on the Costas, Dorada this time and a lot different to the small nature of Palamos. Salou is a large family resort with a great beach bustling with people and a beautiful prom, with a fun fair at one end of it and a shopping area the other. This was a 17 day holiday, 3 of those were for the travel, and my it was hot.

We stayed at the California apartments, not sure if they are still there, but at the time a new hotel had been built nearby of the same name, California. It belonged to the same company so we could use this brand new hotel’s swimming pool, which we did most days. There was a lot to explore and of course we had to find somewhere to eat.

This was easier than Palamos as many establishments catered for the British, as in British pubs and the one we settled at was called The Cottage. It was on a main road away from the main beach area was was popular and we ate there everyday for the whole 2 weeks. We were such regulars that on our last day the gaffer gave us our meals, and drinks, for free as a gesture of our custom, a nice touch.

The kids were growing up so we had them to keep amused during our stay but one day we took a trip to Barcelona by train, made our own way there. Barcelona is beautiful but I did want to see the stadium, Nou Camp. We arrived outside to be confronted by high walls and a wire fence on the top so as we made our way to the entrance I found this door open.

Investigating further I found it was a back entrance and as we walked through it we found it was the training ground and who should be there but Terry Venables, manager of Barcelona at that time.You can imagine the consternation on his face as me and my family came walking across the training ground. But I explained who I was and he was kindness itself as he escorted us around the ground, the trophy room and directors box before leaving us to our own devices, unbelievable.

Back in Salou and talking with people of the days events, some had been on an ‘official’ trip to Nou Camp which only dropped them off at the foyer of the stadium, I had a hard time convincing people what had happened, no digital cameras or mobile devices then, they were miffed to say the least.

After this trip we did Salou once again but the kids were growing fast and wanted holidays without parents, our daughter going to Menorca. Then as time went on, prices got cheaper, we went abroad again, but this time flying. My main memory of our first flight, and it stays with me to this day, is how a plane could reach such speeds from a standing start and lift off with such ease, amazing.

We flew from Manchester, such excitement, still is, destination, yes Spain, and the Costas, this time Blanca and the resort of Benidorm. It was an early flight so an early start to the day and it was November. We left home when it was cold and dark and in about 8hrs we were standing on a golden Levante beach, shorts and t-shirts with the sun blazing down, just fabulous.  


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