My Poems for others to read.

Swaying branches colourful leaves
Dropping gently in the breeze
A morning chill a misty hue
Before the sun come shining through
Another year has passed us by
Seasons changing in the blink of an eye
Soon the snow may be on the ground
Brilliant whiteness all around
Extra clothing gloves and scarf
Throwing snowballs for a laugh
People born people die
For some it’s laughter for others to cry
Just stop a minute to take this in
Wondrous happenings amongst the din
Natures cruel and nature’s kind
Some of it beautiful some of it wild
Storms tsunamis hurricanes and quakes
Then there’s the mountains valleys and lakes
Birds and animals flies and bees
Milk to make butter yoghurt and cheese
Everyone dashing going their own way
Sometimes not knowing the time of day
Life is wondrous sometimes it’s cruel
Some people are clever others are fools
Maybe things will turn out ok
And we’ll all survive another wondrous day. ©

What do you think?

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