Oh clock oh clock upon the wall
Can you not beckon to my call
To turn you back to times gone by
So I can live instead of die
To right mistakes that I have done
To mend the heartbreaks that have become
Burdens on the memory burdens on the soul
At times I feel empty when I want to feel whole
Oh clock oh clock upon the wall
Wont you listen to me at all
I see the years just slipping away
Fast approaching that dreadful day
There’s so much I want to do
It won’t get done if I can’t stop you
Stop your dials spinning round
The ticking is now a fearful sound
It’s one then two then three then four
I look again and a few hours more
Monday, Tuesday the weeks half gone
Before we know it Christmas lights will be on
Winter, Summer, Autumn, Spring
The snow has gone and the birds now sing
Flowers in bloom warmth in the sun
Time when everybody has some fun
But not for long as the nights grow dim
The cold winds blow as winter draws in
The circle is complete yet again
As the clock keeps ticking the time away.


One thought on “Clock

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