Poetry – Some Of My Own (Copyright)

The sun is shining brightly colouring the sky
With golden beams of sunlight dazzling the eyes
A crisp and chilly morning is changing by the hour
As yellow shafts of sunlight engulf us with their power
A big bright ball of fire hanging up above
Make the world seem a better place spreading out its warmth
People seem much better in everyday walks of life
With little balls of sunshine lightening the strife
Lovers walking hand in hand laughing along the way
Sunshine in their faces, for them a lovely day
A lonely cloud drifts on by, blocking out the light
But as it slowly floats along soon again it’s bright
When everything clouds over with many faces glum,
Only then do we realise we really miss the sun
So as it sinks to yonder shores and another day does end,
We hope that when tomorrow comes the sunshine never ends.


What do you think?

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