A thoughtful time.

Its 11pm, a Saturday night and I’m ‘mellow’ as I listen to Celine Dion’s Immortality, written by the Bee Gees, but has got me thinking about my own mortality. I can reflect on a life of good and bad, like most people I should imagine, but how will others reflect my life? If I have enemies then they will loath me, but what of my friends?

Do we truthfully know what people actually think of us personally? Are we regarded as nuts, sensible, nice to know, not nice to know, do we care? From my own perspective I hope that the people I have known throughout my life, at whatever stage, think its been beneficial to have known me, but its only a hope. I have upset people along the way, some disagreements have been childish, others more problematic, but not with any malice.

Men, women, it doesn’t really matter it would just be interesting to know what they make of my life as different to my own recollections. Thing is we usually have a totally different perspective of things, we may loath our appearance, our looks, our personality, but other may find some our traits endearing, we will probably never know for sure.


What do you think?

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