Hull Freedom Festival

This is an annual thing and consists of bands, fair rides, craft fares, and other assorted entertainments, small businesses are grateful for this festival as it brings thousands to places that are usually sedate. The bands vary, and to be honest I don’t know who are appearing this year but its varied if not my style of music. Here is the link.

This year the festival has been blessed with the weather, and thousands have turned out to take in all that is on offer and the weather at the same time. Its great to see a place like Hull (England) turn into the cosmopolitan type of place more associated with more fashionable places like London, Paris or Rome, the only think Hull lacks is the glamour and kudos of the other aforementioned places. 

We have had other events that show Hull can put on a show, like The Round The World Clipper Boat Race, but for some unfathomable reason those in power passed up the opportunity to stage the event again, I would imagine on the costs issue, although that’s a guess.
Hull and freedom have a bit of a history dating back many centuries, in fact the MP for Hull, William Wilberforce was mainly responsible for the abolition of slavery which resulted, many years later in the visit to the festival of Dr Desmond Tutu a respected Anglican Bishop from South Africa.

Hull may not have the panache of London, Paris and Rome, but can put on a show when the needs be, just a pity the place is not recognised more instead of the media portraying the down side, which, as far as I’m aware, most big cities throughout the world have to contend with.

Dr Desmond Tutu:


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