Its 9/11, 10 years on.

It really is 10 years since I came home from work and thought I was watching some kind of disaster film on TV, I was, but it was for real. I watched as an aircraft, looking like a model aircraft, smashed into one of the towers of the World Trade Centre. I had come home from my 6am – 2pm shift and sat down as this drama unfolded, before my eyes the city of New York was in total disarray as any city would be after this attack.

And that is what it was although no one knew at the time that this was a co-ordinated attack on the USA by Muslim extremists. The news from anywhere else just stopped, this news from New York was the news of all news, happening right before our eyes and from the comfort of our living rooms, surreal doesn’t come into it. Then a second aircraft and a second tower block engulfed in flames, I cannot imagine what was happening in the corridors of power and those in authority.

I sat, I was a voyeur to this carnage as people threw themselves from way up in the sky to their death on the pavements below, the despair at that point must have been total. But it wasn’t over yet, another aircraft had slammed into the Pentagon, the Pentagon? That citadel of American security and military, no it can’t be? But it was, and yet another aircraft was heading its way to the capital itself only it never got there. This was due to passengers overpowering these Muslim fanatics and crashing the plane, harmlessly, into the fields of Pennsylvania, harmless of course to everyone but themselves.

But the pain was not over, as a final act of despair the twin towers collapsed, not together, but to heap pain upon pain they crumbled and as they came down everyone in the immediate vicinity perished along with the structures. The sum total of deaths may never be known, we know approximately the total deaths on the day, but who has since died from the death and destruction of loved ones, or who could not bear the pain of that fatal day or come to terms with its consequences? Office workers, fireman, police, military and civilians will be affected for many years to come, we watches were all voyeurs to this carnage unfolding and today we should pay our respects to the victims. R.I.P to all.


What do you think?

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