Onward yet again …… the World is our oyster.

So as I mentioned in my last post Benidorm has been a place to visit as often as we could but it didn’t preclude other destinations and most of those happened to be in Spain. We ventured further south to the resort of Torremolinos and although similar it was different. The prom was like Benidorm but stretched far further in fact you could walk to the next resort of Benalmadena and further if you so wish.

But also from Torremolinos there were many more places to see and one of those places is Marbella. This is a resort known for the clientèle it attracts, the rich, you only have to visit the marina to find out what a different world those with money live in. Yachts that are like mini ocean liners, Rolls Royce’s as common as taxis but many day to day people just strolling around amongst the wealthy taking in the ambiance and admiring things that they will never own.

But beyond this affluence is a small part of the former British Empire yet still in Spain, Gibraltar. You cross the border and are confronted by police looking very similar to any you see in the UK, all rather odd. You venture further and British pubs, shops, many high street retailers have branches in Gibraltar, and all on the Spanish mainland. Cruise liners are docked in the harbour and one of the most precarious airports I have ever seen where planes fly over the sea and land on an airstrip adjacent to the harbour. Not only that but the runway crosses a busy main road as well.

But we didn’t go all the way to Spain to see a version of the UK, so although it was a pleasant day out we wanted to get back to Spain itself. And one of the most beautiful places we have yet seen in Spain is the city of Valencia. The architecture is just mind-blowing but the place is horrendously busy with traffic whizzing about all around you, but that can be said about most cities these days as the car has taken over. Cafe culture is at its best in Spain, like a lot of European countries, the weather encourages outside eating and drinking and therefore things are more relaxed.

In the UK it’s not so refined so pubs and clubs are still the main source of drinking and all the trouble associated with it, Europe seem to be a bit more laid back but is not without their alcoholic problems.
But Spain has islands as well, quite a few in fact, the Canaries, Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza, to name a few and couple of these we have visited as well. As much as they are part of Spain they also like to be independent as well, having pride in their locality. 

We have visited 2 of their islands, Majorca, or Mallorca as I believe it’s called, and Ibiza, pronounced (hope I’ve got this right) Ibiza, forgive me if I am wrong. Both have their charm and for some people that charm outweighs any advantages the Spanish mainland has to offer so got to the islands year after year, bit like Greece in a way with her islands. But that’s another story.



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