A British obsession ……. the weather.

We are basking in temperatures of 20 degrees plus centigrade, and the forecast is for even higher temperatures next week and guess what I’ve been doing today? I’ve been taking advantage of special offers at our local DIY supermarket and buying insulation, yes that’s right insulation. Insulation for the roof space (loft) and insulation for the hot and cold pipes in the house, crazy or what?

Well I have been reading reports, both in newspapers and online of an icy blast coming our way beginning October and a repeat of the harsh winter we had last year. Now to some folk, I would imagine Canadians, Americans and many Europeans, our ‘harsh’ winters are a joke, we get 2 inches of snow and Britain comes to a stop. Canada and other places have up to 6 feet of snow and still function.

It must be of some amusement to watch the UK news and see cars, buses, lorries, etc off the road, trains halted, planes grounded, through a dusting of snow, but it has always been the case. We had train cancellations one year through ‘leaves on the lines’ I kid you not, another time it was the ‘wrong’ kind of snow on the tracks, and these were comments from high-ranking staff of the firms. We invite ridicule when places like Russia function, Alaska, Norway, Finland, Sweden, have proper harsh winters year after year and seem so much better at functioning than us Brits.

So I’m hoping I can be a little better prepared, well I’ve bought some insulation at least, and I have a snow scoop, but at the moment no salt, the stores ran out of that last year, so no salt for your food but plenty for the driveways it seems. At work we have grit, so hopefully we are, shall we say, partly prepared, oh and by the way tomorrow the forecast is for 22 degrees Celsius but I will keep a watch for that icy blast, which reminds me where’s my hat, gloves and scarf? ¬†


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