We have company that are making themselves very much at home.

We don’t have pets but we have company, in the shape of two cats. Our son and daughter in law’s cats to be precise, who at this moment happen to be on holiday/vacation. Well that could apply to the two moggies as well as they seem to think they are on holiday/vacation as well. They have made themselves welcome, very welcome and comfortable as they lay down whenever the sun shines through the window, which just lately means they are laid down for most of the day. We have had them for two weeks and another week to go, they are no bother but we have to be careful to make sure certain doors are closed and windows are not open or else they will be out, and gone.

 This one is called Monkey, no I know its not a monkey but that’s its name, nothing to do with me, our son and daughter in law named her.


And this one is called Moo, yes that’s right Moo, and no I don’t know why either.


And the pair of them very much at home thank you in fact I think they thinking to themselves ……. oh no not another picture?

                                         Moo & Monkey

I last had a cat when I was a child, a ginger one called Muff, named after a puppet character on the BBC when everything was in black & white, the character was called Muffin the Mule and someone use to make it dance by pulling strings. Alas old age got to it, Muff was going blind and one day got knocked down and killed. I didn’t know but a road sweeper swept up his body and placed him in his cart to take away.

Mum told me and I cried for days and vowed never to have another pet a vow I kept until I got married and my wife and I acquired my mother in laws parakeet. Peter the parrot wasn’t very nice to mother in law, in fact he wasn’t very nice to nearly everyone but me. Although he did take a chunk out or my finger one time, but never did it again after I swiped him off his perch

When our children started to grow up they wanted to get a puppy, and I refused, sob sob, but I knew that after the first flush of cuddling the puppy to death I would be the one doing the ‘walkies’ in all weathers, I know I’ve seen other guys go by our window in the pouring rain being pulled along by the dog. So we have been pet less, save for a few goldfish, until now, Monkey and Moo are in residence.

At the moment they are catching the evening sun, yes laid down, what a charmed life they lead, but it will be strange when they have gone back home, if we can get them back home that is.



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