Going home soon.

The two said cats in the previous blog, Monkey and Moo are going home soon, well sometime tomorrow 2nd October, that’s if they will go home. Home is with our son and daughter in law who will be flying back from holiday/vacation in Orlando Florida back to an unbelievably sunny and warm UK. And it will be a big if too, going home, if its anything like the last time we had them.

They both refused to come out from underneath a chair and was such that we couldn’t reach them and when we could they both tried to claw us. In the end it was bribery, food, but when they realised they had been tricked they were not pleased to say the least. So if all goes according to plan they should be in their rightful abode at some point over the weekend and we will be able to go back to our pet less state.

And no it hasn’t given me the impetuous to have our own cats, dogs, parrots, whatever, look after them sometimes when asked but that is as far as it will get. I have listened to friends and the stress they get themselves in when contemplating holidays/vacations and how their pets will be whilst they are away. Funny thing is I remember as a child our cat, Muff, was left for a week or so, cat food left in a place known to him, water, and when we came back he was as sprightly as when we left. No fancy boarding arrangements as Muff often disappeared for days on end in any case and never seemed any the worse for it.

Like I have already said, he lived until a fair age and only failing sight let him down, big time, as he got run over. Oh and he didn’t like being bathed, washed or whatever, as we did do on a few occasions. But what a magnificent ginger colour he was when clean, not for long mind you as a couple of days after he would be everything but ginger goodness know what he had been up too. As I have realised a lot of things with my early life, we didn’t take photographs, no digi cameras in those days, so no pictures, and those that I do have did not feature our Muff the cat. 


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