Mmmmm another blog and another point of view I suppose.

I’m not new to blogs but new to this blog so bear with me. The world is full of doom and gloom, wars, famine, disease, disasters, financial and otherwise and the only ‘good’ news tends to be of the frivolous kind, like affairs, minor celebrities who have appeared on something like X Factor or its ilk, and politicians trying cover up more of what they, our representative and lawmakers, would rather we did not know.

But has it always been so?

I tend to think so, names and places seem to change but the general scenario doesn’t. Take war, I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t a conflict somewhere on this Earth, likewise with famine, disease, and disasters, and as for politicians, well pick any country you like and you can be sure politicians are in the news for something other than what they are suppose to be in the news for.

I cannot changed anything but do these things change me?

In a word yes, I become cynical, or should I say more cynical of the whole set up, that set up being life itself. No matter how I try and I have tried, I cannot fathom whey some people have an easy ride through life and others struggle the moment they are born. No this is not another rant about the meaning of life, but how life is from where I see it, and no matter how old I get it seems to be like an old fashioned record stuck on the turntable, the names and places may change, but the tunes the same.


What do you think?

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