Its a crime to grow old.

The words in the title were said by my mum, some 30 years ago. I was a mere lad in my 30’s, my mum into her mid sixties and feeling alone in the world since the death of my father. I can’t forget I won’t forget those words as I now approach the age in which my father died back in 1979. No matter what I did, I couldn’t replace dad, I had my own family by then and the problems associated with mortgage and bringing up a family. But now those words come back to me, crystal clear, and all the more poignant as I am at the stage my parents were back then.

I find that it is a crime to grow old, ridiculed, berated, and targeted as indispensable by governments of whatever persuasion, despite the rhetoric spouted by politicians to the contrary. Each day a report comes out highlighting the treatment of older people, both at home and in so called care. Those of us of a certain age can only hope we keep our life long wits about us as age creeps along, otherwise we are cast to the wolves, or worse. Of course youngsters sneer at such notions of looking after the older generation, they have had their lives so its the young that need the help. And too a point they have a point, but today’s young have no idea or hardship, real hardship I mean.

The hardship of today does not reflect the hardship of years gone by, after the war, my parents time, there was nothing to speak of, but today if they had to deal with that type of thing it would be a demand to the authorities that they give money for the latest ‘thing’. And because the young seem to get their way something has to give and the give is those who have paid their way for many years previously get nothing. There are a few concessions of course, bus passes and a fuel allowance, things that those savvy with the ways and means of the handout system have been receiving for years.

But hey the old will die soon anyway, but wait folks, I will say the obvious, age will catch up with you, but don’t squeal, because it will then be time for you to also appreciate what my mum said many years ago ….. Its A Crime To Grow Old.


One thought on “Its a crime to grow old.

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