Its 8pm here in England, I’m listening to Crosby, Still and Nash, Teach Your Children Well, its a song that is played in a charming film about love between school children, what Donny Osmond called Puppy Love.The film is essentially English but had a big following in Japan. Its called Melody in England, but may vary in other parts of the world.

It starred Jack Wild, Mark Lester, and Tracy Hyde, the love interest in the film. But it got me thinking, on past years mainly, and where it has all gone, the boys, and girls who were a big part of my life at school in England. I’m talking over 50 years ago now, the ones this film brought back to life most vividly.

I liked school back in the 1950’s and 60’s, it was a fun time to grow up in, not IPhones, no computers, no nothing really, but we met our friends face to face, not on Facebook. We met each day and like the weather it was sometimes fine, and sometimes stormy. Girls were always an item, but you dare not say so, you fancied someone in the class, that was fatal. For those in far off lands I’m sure you had your own version of school crushes, the setting may be different but the scenario is usually the same, remember Grease?

So what has brought all this on? Well in a testament to how time has flown by, my grandson, he now has a girlfriend from school, and the best of luck to them both but my mind raced back the 50 years or so ago I mentioned, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would experience a grandson of mine doing an action replay, it made me giggle.


What do you think?

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