The year is different but that is all.

So its 2012, yes doom and gloom predominates but we are told to look on the bright side of things, really? Uncle Dave at No 10 is humming Monty Python’s song already, Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life, dah da, dah da, dah de de de de, dah da and why? The London Olympics of course, note LONDON OLYMPICS. We should all be happy that billions, we are broke folks, yes billions are being spent to re-generate poor London, that’s ok then. For other areas of the UK its a certain salute with any number of fingers you wish to choose as yet today another few billion is being urged to be spent building a rail line and from where you ask, no better still don’t ask.

But for us in the outer fringes of this so called UK we can whistle, in our area there is no money for road or rail improvements, no matter how dire they are getting to be, we have to get the economy right first, what they should also add that in the meantime the money we do have will be spent wisely, in London.


What do you think?

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