Short careers?

I’ve been reading yet another debate on the thorny issue of copyright and availability of artists/performers on the internet. The issue this time was Spotify, now I don’t have this service, which is like a streaming music service, but not all artists are available. But the bit that caught my eye, and what seems to be cropping up more and more is the so called ‘short’ lifespan of these so called stars.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know not all artists can be Beatles or Tina Turners, but what these ‘artists’ earn during their so called ‘short’ lifespan is way beyond the dreams of those of us who get up each day just to survive. This same argument is given for footballers (soccer players to our American friends) and yet we have one so called pundit on the BBC allegedly earning £40,000 an appearance, not year, but each time he sits giving us his words of wisdom.

Song writers who write songs are protected as it is for about 80 years or so for copyright, as are many other forms or artistic output. Those of us in the real world are not protected from week to week never mind 80 years. For the record (no pun intended) I have bought songs I like in the form of a 45rpm single, 33rpm LP, cassette tape, CD, DVD audio, and now Mp3 and each time the originator of those songs have had a cut of the price I’ve paid, so who’s conning who?


What do you think?

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