Arguments are a part of life, some people thrive on them, some people cannot be wrong, for whatever reason, and some people just argue their point and let that be that. It can be called debates, but its the same thing, there is a  differing of opinion and so disagreement, in other words an argument. But I have come to believe that they all leave a bad taste in the mouth after they are over. It may be between good friends, who are not so good after an argument, and as for family arguments, well the animosity after one can go on for years.

I have done my fair share over the years and as I look back at what they were about I admit a lot were juvenile and puerile, not worth the effort in the first place. The main ones being about sport, well football (soccer to our American friends), music, fave groups, bands, songs, and politics. You can throw in religion, food, holiday/vacation places, even the weather forecast and you go from the sublime to the ridiculous. I’ve also realised that most of my arguments were un-winnable in the first place.

Take football (soccer), I could reel off statistics to show that my teams, usually Hull City and Manchester United, were the best, no matter what, even after they lost, which in the case of Hull City at one time was an awful lot of times. But I could go back years with results and other facts and seemingly win an augment, but all I actually did was alienate the people I argued with, who at that point had been a friend, but was not the same friend afterwards.

Politics were even more divisive, and futile, even politicians couldn’t agree with each other never mind the public. Religion I left alone, I am neither for or against, it’s each to his own and I don’t know enough about each different one to argue. Holidays/vacations, how on earth do you argue about where you chose to go away, but I did when someone said where I had decided to go one year was rubbish, even though they had never been, but had heard it was, cue argument.

And so arguments are off the menu, it doesn’t matter what the subject is it will be a case of nod the head and say yeh. My points of view will have those who agree and disagree, and I can’t honestly say that my arguments have swayed anyone to my way of thinking at the end of the day, and I’m not going to argue about that.


One thought on “Arguments.

  1. I can honestly say I haven’t won any either. But I still enjoy hearing (mostly) other people’s opinions and I love the silly stuff we say to each other…it makes me smile later when I realize what an ass I can be.

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