The Weekend is here.

Yes its a Friday, another week where I could curse, which is most weeks, but this is the time I like to look forward too. Nothing special but my wife and I have totally different relaxation moods, she likes the TV, I like my computer. But her TV is soaps, tennis and darts (don’t ask) but that’s fine by me, I have music or more to the point I have You Tube.

Its a vice, I have my own playlist where I can wallow in nostalgia of the music of years gone by. I can re-live the magic of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s till my hearts content, well almost. I find that You Tube is going more and more corporate and so a lot of previous videos have their audio blocked, which isn’t much use. This bugs me, why so much is available but then other stuff, which I happen to like isn’t.

Oh well there is a plethora of radio stations to choose from and that’s the rub, I can search the internet to find what I want something my wife downstairs has no interest in as she like her big screen, well a reasonable 32″, to watch the likes so Rafael Nadal and company knocking a ball over a net whilst I am going berserk upstairs listening to Fleetwood Mack, The Eagles, Dire Straights, Elton John, The Beatles, you get the drift.

I am of the older generation where none of this was possible, we had records, 33rpm, 45rpm (revolutions per minuter just in case you are wondering) then a marvelous invention came along, tape cassettes, and CD’s oh my, what brilliance. Instead of moving an arm with a needle in to a track you liked you could just press a button and chose your own playlist, and the quality of the sound, out of this world.

We bought all the same stuff we already had on vinyl on cassette and CD, we paid out a fortune, but hey it was fabulous, until stuff was coming out on all sorts of differing formats that we didn’t understand MP3, what on earth was that? You didn’t have to pay either you could ‘download it’ pardon? And so it came to pass Napster was a totally different beast where you could get practically any music you wanted for free, it wasn’t long before the internet was awash with the stuff.

But that was a blessing and not a blessing in disguise as there was too much of the stuff, blimey I like my music but I happened to look up internet radio stations, I was overwhelmed by what was on offer, even did a spot of DJ’ing myself, quite enjoyed it too. But then people were listening to their music with things hung around their necks, IPods they called them, not only that mobile phones, another phenomenon, also played music and so it was all over the place.

But as I write this I am still on You Tube and even though its pitch black of night I find I can listen to George Harrison’s Here Comes The Sun, sung by Paul Simon, Dave Crosby and Graham Nash, I’m spoilt for my choice of music and the choice of artist who sing my chosen songs. I have hundreds of CD’s which I play, sometimes, but for a greater understanding of my music scene, I don’t profess to be a lover of today’s stuff, then the internet, curtsey of my computer, fills the need.

But having said all that I still believe its hard to beat a live performance, its here that you can see why the older pop/rock/country/whatever stars are, stars. From the Bee Gees to Elton John taking in Celine Dion I can honestly say that the thrill of seeing the stars play and sing their own hits take some beating for thrills. I haven’t seen nearly enough live performances over the years, for various reasons, mainly financial, but even local artists or tribute artists sometimes fill the need.

And as I read that digital music is overtaking the physical ownership of music I still like to think I can take out a CD anytime I want, and listen in reasonable quality, to the type of music I like without worrying that there is going to be an interruption to the internet connection some time down the line. Computers have done wonders and devastation in equal doses for music, new stuff is getting heard without the need for agents and established stars are seeing their stuff copied all over the place. That is for better minds than mine to sort out, in the meantime its back to You Tube and Sultans Of Swing.


3 thoughts on “The Weekend is here.

  1. I love Dire Straits. And I’m also appreciative of the internet but get this: my 14 year-old wanted a record player so she got one and has 10 vinyl albums so far. How retro is that? Gotta love it, she loves that thing more than YouTube right now.
    And I have to ask: darts? You must tell! (tee hee!)

    • Well darts is a game normally associated with the British ‘pub’, bar you would call them. And it is a round board with numbers around the edge and another circle of numbers near the middle, with a small circle in the center which is the ‘bulls eye’

      You have 3 darts, mini arrows if you like about about 3 inches long with flights
      on the end, the object being you throw them at the board whilst being stood a number of feet away and scoring in the highest numbers. You have doubles and trebles which do as it says, doubles your score or trebles it. Games can be of various lengths, 301, 501 being the most popular and the score you get you deduct from the staring point of 301 or 501. Here’s a link to explain more.

      • But to watch it on the telly? I used to play darts when I was in college but can’t fathom watching it…she must really love it! Over here some people watch cars driving around in circles (Nascar) so I guess darts isn’t so bad after all! 🙂

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