A trip to Beatleland a.k.a. Liverpool (part 2)

The first part was rather rushed, so I apologise for that, we have grandchildren sleeping over and my attention wandered somewhat. But this second part is much like the first, pictures/photos and an explanation. Liverpool was a vast port catering for the Atlantic Ocean trade of luxury liners transporting their passengers to the USA, of which the Titanic was one such ship. But all that has gone now but the docks area has had a massive investment program to make it into a very cosmopolitan shopping and eating place.

Other things have also changed since the early days of The Beatles, The Cavern being one such place. The original was cellar, heaving with bodies dripping in sweat and dancing to the music of various groups, including The Beatles. But it seems the original Cavern was not very health and safety friendly so it had to go and a ‘New’ Cavern was constructed, I believe using the original bricks and style of the old, but with modern features, not least air vents and fire escapes.

What has not changed is the history of the place and its place in music history you can always go to Wikipedia and get far more information than I can give suffice to say it made, along with Hamburg, The Beatles as we knew them.

The Cavern Club (not to be confused with the Cavern pub close by)

And of course memorablilia.

R.I.P. John, your place in history is secure along with the others.

And of course there are plenty of places to indulge in Beatle stuff of all kinds.

And finally.

I have more pictures, when I sort them out, so maybe a Part 3, who knows?


5 thoughts on “A trip to Beatleland a.k.a. Liverpool (part 2)

  1. What can I say? I am humbled, no really, we have somehow stumbled upon each others blogs and I am knocked out by your writing, so its an honour to think my blog is worthy of mention. Thanks and many thanks, many times over, here’s hoping for more success and followers for you, you blog is worth following.

  2. Okay, now I’m dead serious about going to Liverpool. Forget the Cotswolds, I’m heading further north! On second thought, I will just have to plan a really long trip. I looked up what it would take for me to be a pharmacist in UK and I will have to wait until my children’s children are grown up or wait until my next life, ha ha! Too costly and I’m too old. (sniff, sniff)
    Loved the photos and commentary. I’d like some more, please!

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