Memories from the school yard.

A poem I wrote when thinking of my old school and my schoolmates, some of whom I still see. I don’t mind copying as long as I get acknowledgement please.

Just looking at some old school pictures and this came to mind.

We looked across the classroom, meeting each others eyes

We’d meet near the school gates, trying not to laugh

Lessons could be forgotten, for the next 100 years

As all of our classmates, gave us long big cheers


We walked hand in hand not caring who could see

It would always be this way, just you and me

All my friends just knew it, right from the start

This would be the girl, who’d take away my heart


I’d miss football, and cricket, and almost anything else

Just to walk this girl home who lived in another terrace

Couldn’t wait for 4 ‘o’ clock couldn’t wait for dinner

Just wanted to be outside, so that I could be with her


I remember now it was 1st years, maybe about 12

I’d have a picture of her, in my bedroom on the shelf

Hid it in the morning, so my mum didn’t see

Brought it out again later, sometime after tea


I had to do my homework, her picture by my side

Didn’t really notice that my school marks began to slide

Mum and dad were not too please ‘what’s this then lad?’

Been looking at your school report it’s gone from good to bad


Too much football and cricket well put a stop to that

Swatting is what you will do and that will be that

Didn’t tell them the real truth, they wouldn’t understand

Just wanted to be with her, just wanted to hold her hand


Soon it was common knowledge, was forbidden to see her again

School and back home again, homework, then to bed

School marks didn’t improve that much couldn’t really care

Why should I bother if I couldn’t be with her?


Mum came to the rescue, I’ll see what I can do

Saw her mum the other day, and her daughter is missing you

See her at weekends, to see how it goes

She’s pretty, but that you already know


I’ll deal with your father, so don’t you worry

You’ll be late for school now, so go on, hurry

There she was, stood at the gates

We walked in together, we were both late

It’s all so long ago, but like yesterday

As I look in the schoolyard, and see the children play


3 thoughts on “Memories from the school yard.

  1. I enjoyed a lot reading this poem. I liked the story of you and the girl relating to a school memory. Still in high school and got a lot of memories, it seems it never ends!

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