Quandry time, questions, questions, questions

This is one of those stupid silly things that crop up in conversation sometimes, especially amongst friends, the subject? Age. And my question was thus, at what age are you too old to be young? Which on the face of it is easy, anyone older than yourself is too old to be young, but what when you get to the age of that person?

Lets take an example, many years ago, I was in my 20’s then, and there was a nightclub, Bailey’s, but seeing as it was in the UK it probably means noting to anyone, but at the time it was a nightclub chain and a very good one at that. They put on cabaret, class acts of the day in the UK and also from the USA, Jimmy Ruffin was one artist I saw, and also a disco, which was also an up and coming thing.

On one particular evening me and my mates were all having a beer, looking at the girls that type of thing, but the other thing was a group of people who looked about in their 30’s. They were dressed in suits, nice dresses (we are talking about the guys in suits and the girls in dresses here LOL) and quite smart but, and how can I put this, they looked dated, yes old. Bear in mind we were only about 10 years younger but it might as well have been about 100 years difference.

Now fast forward 10 years and guess what? You get the drift here, you have replaced those people you use to giggle at because they looked so out of date. But hey to yourself you are still THE MAN, even though your hair is, shall we say, receding, you may have, shall we say, a less than svelte figure, in fact a beer bulge. And so you go on the dance floor and do your stuff, ever seen the younger ones snigger at you? Time to take a rain check here.

The music is not the music you grew up on and you don’t actually know who is singing what these days but hey you dance away anyway. Only the dances have changed and all the stuff you liked is now, shall we say, past history. Then it dawns on you, you are past the sell by date, your time has past, you are ancient history. But my question is …… when does this happen? When do you feel that you are of another era? You may still sing along to the music of the day, but your heart isn’t really in it, you like your stuff.

There is a gender thing here as well, as usual, women have to work harder to keep up with trends and the effects of aging, but most deal with it elegantly if not with alacrity ( that word will get you reaching for your dictionaries 🙂 LOL ) whilst men age ……. graciously, well most (ever seen a guy who pulls his hair over from his armpits 🙂 …….. )

So back to the point of all this drivel, at what age is too old to be young? I haven’t a clue, I have lost count of the times I’ve been told to ‘grow up’, but I never have. At times I am in my teens in my head, (especially when I have You Tube on) and others I feel my age and I don’t know why. So help me out here, am I past my sell by date? Doomed? ah what the hell, I’m listening to Cindy Lauper at the moment and feel like I’m 30 …… oh hell I look old 🙂


2 thoughts on “Quandry time, questions, questions, questions

  1. Quality blokes never outdate so I’m fairly certain you’re still hip. Your drivel is straight out of my head, friend. I like the catchy new tunes of some underground rockers and they could be my children and I feel a little perverted when I think a young man is hot. We shall never grow old in our hearts. Despite the changing architecture of our bodies. Or in my case, in spite of the droopy fanny and other skin. Lol!
    Ps..I have since taken “dirty old man” out of my repertoire of sayings thanks to you. Really, thanks! 🙂

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