Oh hell I’ve hit the nostalgia trail.

Its been a long week when you get up at 3:30am – 4am so I’m chilling ……. its 7:25pm UK time and I’ve been delving into my CD’s, yep CD’s, helped along by a bottle of South African red wine, and I’ve come up with things from my past, well teenager past. No surprise really as I’ve picked out The Beatles Help and Rubber Soul CD’s and you know what, you forget how good these songs are.

From Help to If I Needed Someone the very songs evoke memories of the past, when the world was a wonderful place. Brit pop had conquered the world, led by The Beatles and followed by countless others and I don’t know what dragged me back there tonight. I just felt that way out, I had been on YouTube so maybe that had something to do with it, but none the less I like my music, the optimum word there is ‘my’ music. I don’t profess to be a connoisseur of music but I know what I like and its MOR, yes that stuff that people of a certain age fall back on.

I don’t know how many CD’s I have but they range from The Beatles to Martina McBride, with Elvis thrown in somewhere. But along that road there are obscure names that hang like Christmas decoration, they are nice for a while but then you take them down, Norwegian Wood on now. So I have stuff that maybe should not see the light of day but its my light of day and that’s all that matters. I could give you a full list of my CD but by then you would ‘unfollow’ my blog, so I’ll give that a miss.

Nowhere Man on now, oh this music is really taking me back, I admit that I think I may have been born at the right time for many things and music is one them, and I think it a shame that anyone not into music is missing a lot in life. But anyway I would embed video into this rambling but I’m not sure how, so I won’t.

These days music is everywhere, but I wonder if it evokes the memories I have of certain songs at certain times of my life. Like Billy J Kramer, to those outside of the UK it will mean nothing at all, but he was another guy who fronted a very good group, Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas and who made a record, Little Children, amongst many others. But Little Children had a significance. It’s a slow song that demanded a slow dance and I just happened to be in a dance hall with the girl of my dreams at the time, I mean 15, cool, with hair, no wrinkles, my life in front of me, get where I am at here.

And so Iife moves on, and I go to gigs and see why some of these stars are stars, they are superb, but now I’m wallowing in nostalgia, because it wasn’t all roses, crap happened but you tend to block it out if you can, illness and death takes over at some point and you attend more funerals than Christenings, so you grow up but the music stays the same and when you sit down at your computer with a bottle of vino or whatever, and people you have known have passed on and you smile when a certain song comes along, you are at the stage I am at now, just enjoy the moment.


One thought on “Oh hell I’ve hit the nostalgia trail.

  1. It’s much better to listen to music CD’s whilst drinking wine than writing bad poetry like me! So much easier on the ears. I love reading your reminiscings! When I grow up I wanna be just like you…

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