I like reading about techie stuff but what I am now reading I don’t like.

This is not about techie stuff, your computers, gadgets, big boys and little boys toys, that type of thing, No I’m talking about what I have been reading about these things, mainly mobile/cell phones. Smartphones they are calling them because in comparison to the ‘brick’ featured in films like Wall Street they are very smart indeed. Too smart and getting smarter from what I have been reading.

Now the way the world is today everybody you talk to seems to be on Facebook, or some other social network place and you can basically read all about their lives because they put it on there and are not too bothered about who can read it, despite the scares of late. But our handy little phone is about to get a whole lot more informative about us.

Whilst surfing news sites I have on my favourites I came across an article in CNN and read more, to get the gist of what I am saying here this is the link.:


It goes on to mention an article in the Wall Street Journal, again expanding on the theme of what  is being kept about us and do we care?


The story goes is that the more they know about you the more they can accurately taper adverts to what you like on your surfing habits, but its gets more creepy than that. It seems they want to know everything possible and are building huge data warehouses to store all this info, this is totally beyond big brother. I have also been reading about some professor guy who voluntarily embedded a chip in his arm then the information transmitted by this chip enabled him to open doors by just walking up to it, no keys.

Same with his car and his office, even a modified cash machine worked this way by him just typing in the amount he wanted, the chip in his arm did the rest. This guy believes we should all have these chips embedded with personal information about blood types, any ailments or illnesses, what medication we may be on, next of kin, social security number etc etc. This is useful in case we collapse and the paramedics may need that information, the police would quite like all this information as well. Oh and if you think this is fantasy, how many people have their pets ‘chipped’ these days?

Read on:




Its nothing new of course, I’ve been reading about this thing for a number of years but now it seem more of a probability than a possibility as its being done by stealth. By that I mean credit cards are smarter, in fact there are smart cards, mobile/cell phones, tracking cookies have been around for years but now they are getting smarter. Other stuff even more intrusive is going on but that happens to be governmental approved stuff.

Our first visit to the USA a number of years ago and pre 9/11 included:

Questions at the airline desk in the UK, 6 forms each to fill in, 2 in the UK, 2 on the plane and 2 at US Immigration. Then Homeland Security, fingerprinted, iris’s scanned, more questions, patted down, body scanners both in the UK and the US and that was before I even put foot in the land of the free. And all this down on a computer archive somewhere, but the things I’m talking about when I’ve been reading, go much further, tracked from birth to death and all under the guise of being for our benefit.

But as I say, with the tremendous growth of Facebook, and others like it, maybe people don’t care what is online about them, or stored on some anonymous database. But our phones are becoming embedded in our lives and if you believe some of the articles written by people how understand these things, then the phone will be our lifetime’s information storage portal.


3 thoughts on “I like reading about techie stuff but what I am now reading I don’t like.

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  2. The other thing is our acceptance, well the younger generations acceptance of all this tracking and not being bothered. There are acres and acres of data centre’s belonging to the likes of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apples which hold information of millions of people around the world, just type data center (centre is the UK version of the word) and you will see what I mean, including pictures, and all this just for targeted advertising? Mmmmmmmmm

  3. I like this post a lot. I’ve been reading similar stuff and hearing about this for awhile, too. I didn’t catch the guy with the chip implant, however. The medical info chip makes some sense but it is a little eerie. My computer and phone are way too smart, indeed. We tried doing same search and my hub and I got different results, evidently tailored to our previous searches. I suppose we could stop using them but they make life more interesting and easier. I’m always concerned about the hackers. But we need legislation to protect our sensitive info because soon it’s going to get out of hand! Not that I have anything to hide (really) but I don’t want the cia to think I’m a subverted individual.

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