Diverse videos ….. for no particular reason.

Just a few of the videos I have on my faves on YouTube, there are too many to include so these are just a sample of my likes. I have no claim to copyright this belongs to the singers/songwriters involved, my only claim is that I look at these over and over again and never get bored doing so. I have about 80 videos in my favourite list and if you want to see them take a look at my channel:



3 thoughts on “Diverse videos ….. for no particular reason.

  1. The Nolans are originally from Ireland and are actually sisters. They left popdom and some went into acting and other TV appearances. They were phenomenal in Japan and had a fair following in the UK, there are two brothers as well as the five sisters. I should think that a few of my choices here would be a mystery to you, not least the Flying Pickets LOL>

    A motley group of guys who sang acappella style and the name Flying Pickets comes from groups of guys who use to roam around the country and stir up trouble when there were many strikes in the UK back in the 1970’s mainly the coalfields. Like I say my channel on YouTube has about 130 ‘faves’ as I keep adding when I come across something I haven’t heard for years.

  2. Finally I get around to watching these! I have never heard of the Nolans before and I thank you for enlightening me! You really do have a diverse spectrum of musical tastes. I do too, from classical to rap (but not all of either). It just depends on what mood I’m in. Right now I have Big Band tunes on the brain but next few days I’m pretty certain it will be some hard core screamo since I go back to work today. 😉
    I also realized with your post that I haven’t really taken some time out to listen to music other than when I work out so I have you to thank for that too!

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