Sh*t I shouldn’t do this.

I was into one of my Youtube modes, I get like this, I have a drink nearby and nostalgia fills my head, and this time it took me into a deep crevice. That crevice was my youth and the music of my youth, but this music is now global but still personal. This video really got me going, heroes, from the age of 12 or 13 years onward until now and until I die.

Then I started probing, fatal, and I came across this video.

Now we are getting to the real heavy stuff, many of my heroes are dead and I come across videos and I realise my time has past. Don’t tell me to listen to ‘modern’ stuff, its crap, in fact its more than crap its not even music even if millions like it. I know what I like and there are 2 samples here. Today’s so called music should not even be called music, its earache, on a grand scale. When I come across stuff like this I realise the world I knew has gone, despite IPads, mobile/cell phones, computers surrounding us I preferred the days of my youth and I’m happy in the knowledge that I was there.

Today’s stuff is suppose to have a message, get real there ain’t no message its crap through and through, proper music stopped in the 80’s, despite some crap stuff at the time,  todays is an aberration.


2 thoughts on “Sh*t I shouldn’t do this.

  1. Hi Becky …. even I accept that was are all different in out tastes, and not just music. But I have tried, put my headphones on, tune into some internet radio station and see what is going on in the music world …….. then switch off. Nothing comes near to what I know and love in my musical tastes, I wish it did. I watched some Tina Turner vids on You Tube and Beyonce did some songs, now she was good, but I wasn’t too sure on her own stuff. At least I tried LOL. Take care Becky.

  2. I beg to differ, my sweet man. While I too love the “golden oldies” forever there are some good bands. Most are shite, true. But I think Coldplay, The Foo Fighters and Adele are classic musicians for today’s lover of good music. I even enjoy some rap and hip-hop every now and then, although it’s not “real” music, I agree.
    I did enjoy this post! It’s great to let one’s opinions be heard and I hope you don’t mind my opposition! 🙂

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