I have been thinking, a lot lately, I’m at that age I’m afraid and I am totally confused as ever about life and what goes on in life. My nerves have been stretched to the limit this past few days due to a flood in our kitchen and its now I realise I can’t deal with it like I use to, I’m too old. But then I read a lot both on-line and normal media and the puzzlement sets in.

I am worried about water coming in through the ceiling, it’s a mess but then my wife was at a charity do last Friday and long-time former neighbour,  has a daughter, we know her mum as well, 7 years old and has leukaemia and a workmate has a granddaughter, 10,  who has cancer, both are going through treatments usually administered more to my age group, 60’s, than young children and it got me thinking, really thinking about life.

I’m upset about water and the mess its left behind and then I curse myself when I hear of other people’s lives and the fact that a bit of water would, if they had their way, be worth it if it is all they had to worry about, like the 2 children mentioned. Then I look a bit more deeply at the news Worldwide and it’s not a good read, not good at all. There is water involved in some headlines, more than what I experienced, lots more, flash floods.

People losing their lives in Spain, 10 of them, in a flash, literally, and when you look back over previous news you see instances of people going about their daily lives one minute then dead the next, and I don’t mean the likes of car accidents or whatever or violence, but both those no less traumatic to the relatives of the victims. I have dealt with family crisis before and although stressful I got over it but with age it doesn’t seem so easy.

So what is it with life? As I say I read and I can see people who, on the surface, have it all, but the majority seem to have very little. You have men and women with incredible looks and those who are born disfigured for life, you have those who are powerful athletes and sports men and women of many kinds, yet there are those who are barely able or not able to walk at all. There are children born with blindness, deafness who will lead a life with an inborn disadvantage through no fault of their own but others born into luxury and privilege.

And it seems down to where you are actually born that also affects your life ahead, in certain countries you are relatively free to pursue opportunities that exist, in others you will never get the chance if you are born into certain ruling elites. Certain countries of the world seem to permanently fighting wars and famine and corruption with the victims usually the worse off and the poor. But hasn’t it always been the case?

I’m not expert on history although I do like the subject but over the centuries lives seem to prosper or not by some arbitrary means and I don’t know the formula. I suppose there are those who would bring religion into the equation, but surely it isn’t HE who decides who should live a relatively calm cushioned life and someone who is condemned to hard labour?  Surely it isn’t HE who says that someone can run faster than anyone else on Earth and there again condemn someone to not be able to run at all?

And I certainly don’t think it is HE who allows someone to be worth more than some countries and others grovel in the gutters for scraps to keep alive. No I just don’t know what decides all this and I know really that I will never know the answer, all this as I think about the flood in our kitchen


What do you think?

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