I’ve done it again :( ………… yes gone awol :(

It’s not intentional, I have to be in the mood to write or else I can’t write at all and now I see I have neglected my blogs, big time. I could say all the usual junk, time just flies by, I’ve had a lot on just lately, you get the drift, but the fact is I have had things to say but have been too lazy to say them, and that is not the point of blogs to me. A blog is like an online diary in a way, ok maybe not THE intimate stuff, although some do and good luck to them, but a general theme of ones life at the time.

But I have hit a block, writers block maybe, but I’m not an author so that’s out, but no, more of a resistance to actually write anything, which is unusual. It’s hard to explain, and before anyone thinks, not a depression thing either, just no impetuous to write. So I’m back and I feel right to write what I have just done, nothing earth shattering I know but at least I’ve got back in the groove so to speak, and as an aside a lot has gone on in my life.

I have a new grandson, soppy maybe but I adore the little guy, my other grandchildren are at or nearly at teenage years but I love them to bits although now they have a life of their own. But my new grandson is new to the world and he is responding to me now and so it starts all over again where I have this new life to integrate into mine, I just hope I last long enough to enjoy him growing up.

I do wonder what kind of world he will grow up in, and in a way it terrifies me, being of the older generation, but Facebook is a case in point, I’m not on it by the way, but it seems to be the way of the young where all and sundry is posted and collected in vast databases, I don’t think 1984 was written with the assumption that people would be so compliant with agreeing to so much being collected about them.

Well I suppose the younger generation will deal with in their own way, but it’s not to my liking but there again I’m too cynical these days, I’ve grown old and weary about sound-bites by people in power, be it government or private enterprise, not much difference to me. Anyway I will try to keep a bit more up to date with these blogs of mine, there are 3, so thanks for hanging around.


2 thoughts on “I’ve done it again :( ………… yes gone awol :(

  1. Cheers scousepov, strange I’ve gone from writing to reading a lot just lately and old fashioned books at that. I’ve been scouring charity shops and for very little money I have read some good stuff that I like. And of course I’ve rediscovered libraries, and more importantly to me, the local history library, really enjoyed looking back and finding things I never knew before about things literally on my doorstep, must be my age LOL.

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