Getting older, well I’ve never been here before.

Its odd to say the least that with each new day I’m finding out things I never knew before, not knowledge in the sense of learning no silly things like more hair seems to grow out of my nose than on my head, in fact it grows everywhere but my head. I need glasses to read and because of that I have groves in my nose where they sit. But there again I have more groves and lines than I can count and that is something else that comes with age, the look of crumpled cardboard.

Most other functions, well at the moment, seem pretty much the same, oh I forgot, the memory, now I can remember back 50 years or more sometimes, I even surprise myself with what I can remember when I really try, but put down my glasses for a moment then try to pick them up again and I am lost. It annoys me, they can’t be that far away I haven’t moved hardly. Now another oddity, believe it or not I still ride a bike, cycle call it what you will but I find that everything is overtaking me these days and I don’t mean motorised stuff.

Other cyclist just breeze past and no amount of huffing and puffing will let me catch up oh and if a professional cyclists passes me I begin to think I have stopped. I bend down to tie my shoe and boot laces and make noises I never intended to make, (no not flatulence) a kind of ooooo arhhhhhh involuntary noises I call them. Another thing with age is the amount of bad news other people can’t wait to tell you, most depressing is this. You see someone you haven’t seen for a while and the first thing they tell you is who has died.

They are not content with that oh no then then list all those who have had heart attacks, strokes, or any other life altering ailments and even though you may have felt ok before this point a kind of depression comes over you at this not so helpful news. I’m trying to think of some pluses to this age thing, but I haven’t won the lottery so at the moment its a bit of a blank. But the main thing is that those I grew up with are of the same ilk as myself we are old together that is of course some kind soul hasn’t informed me of some other person or persons that we knew are no longer with us. Charmed I’m sure.


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