I’m a sadist there I’ve said it :)

Ah but not what you are thinking, not THAT kind of sadist but a blog sadist in the sense of all the techie stuff I read from The Register, The Inquirer, and The Verge plus CNet and other stuff and its the continuous fanboys sniping at each other in the Microsoft v Apple v Google episode. I love reading the stuff, hence the sadist thing, boy do they go for each other and when they get all technical it really does get abusive lol. I’m not techie myself but I’m not totally dumb (some may question that assertion) but with Microsoft rolling out Windows 8.1 (or Windoze 8 to some people) and the seemingly impregnable Apple software being attacked by hackers and succeeding things are really hotting up with these geeks.

I am loathed to say guys in the sense of the male of the species as I am sure there are many a female participant in this arena but it don’t make any difference to the bile that is being thrown about. Likewise the Apple, Android, Windows 8 phone stuff it is, well to me, all fascinating stuff as I do actually learn a thing or two about these devices through these clued up people. I’m not sure what the next stage is for all this set up as Windows 8.1 has only just been released for download and a replacement for Steve Balmer hasn’t been announced yet, but that should be interesting reading whoever it may be, Steven Sinofski? oh my LOL.

So carry on guys, and gals, your info is invaluable but not always agreeable as Windows ME is considered a disaster, not to me it wasn’t I found it a good transition at the time but hey I’m joining the debate now so I’ll be braced for those in the know to better. I will head over to more discussions and disagreements and of course the inevitable bile its better than TV LOL.


What do you think?

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