I am a child of the 60’s, grew up listening to the sounds of the Elvis, Bobby Rydell, Del Shannon, Bobby Daren, Cliff Richard and The Shadows and all the other quiff haired stars of the day, Brenda Lee, Connie Francis and Connie Stevens being exceptions of course. Then an earthquake in the shape of 4 lads from Liverpool the shook the established music world to the core.

These guys were funny, wrote, and sang, their own songs and opened the doors to a flood of other like minded boys and girls from both sides of the Atlantic. Within 3 years they had dominated the world, a domination that even today is still strong. I followed the music lavishly then a reversal in my eyes as a new kind of music that was alien to my tastes but had it dedicated followers, Punk Rock.

I never took to it but by this time I had my music in abundance, from The Beatles to The Beach Boys on disc and tape, I was content. As time passed by computers and the internet arrived in abundance and now I can watch most of my musical tastes on You Tube many I never got to see live at the time.


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    • Hi, thanks for dropping by, there is also a Hull in Canada but is not connected to the one where I am. Hull in England was originally called Wyke which is now village on the outskirts of the city. I’m sure a bit of surfing with satisfy your curiosity on this matter but I do believe there was a prominent American politician with the name Hull ……….. Cordell Hull?

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